Saturday Morning Tune

Tall Dwarfs from New Zealand on the album Hell0 Cruel World


Trilingual Practice Diary

I have just recently started writing in a very sweet moleskine reporter notebook and in it, I’ve been creating a dialogue in English, Spanish and French to myself and practice for when I encounter the speakers of these languages. I am fluent and native in English and Spanish and then I write in French. It’s also very useful to compare these languages, their  cognates are easy to recognize along with sentence structures. I didn’t think I could really form any phrases until I picked up my pen to my notebook in all honesty. It took me a couple of weeks to get to this point, but using my knowledge of every memrise and textbook vocabulary and dialogues I’ve read, I can say a lot more than I imagined.

It’s a very useful tool, I recommend taking every sentence you write  first in your native language and thinking about how that sentence is said in the other language and then write it next. And then if you know another, write another sentence in that language.

As far as my goals go, it’s mostly to stop using bing as a dictionary. When I don’t know how to say a particular phrase it builds such amazement to me. I’ll get curious as to how it is said and then I get to the internet.. so I need to keep studying!



It’s a blustery day in Reno. I’m finishing up my first courses in French and picking up Nocturno de Chile by Roberto Bolaño. It is tempting to give up my pursuits of knowledge now that I have a lame temp job at a warehouse and because my time alone to read is gone. But I will still be reading and attempting to learn languages as I go, hopefully going to school soon.